Ever since first looks at the Sex and the City reboot began to circulate, the world has been obsessed with Sarah Jessica Parker’s skin. But, then again, she’s always been a beauty icon. The queen of soft red-carpet glam, there’s something so reassuring about Parker’s signature beauty look, which typically consists of gorgeous glowing skin, a natural lip, a grey or taupe shimmering lid, and lashings of kohl in the waterline. Behind it is her longtime make-up artist, Elaine Offers, who in addition to getting the star red-carpet ready for a decade, has also lent her skills to the hotly anticipated And Just Like That, to help bring Carrie Bradshaw to life once more. So, what is the secret to Parker’s signature glow? Offers shares her insights below.

You’ve been working with Sarah Jessica Parker since 2012, how would you describe your professional relationship?

I met Sarah Jessica in 2012 on Glee. She had a two-episode arc shooting in Los Angeles at the time. She needed a union make-up artist for the show, and mutual friends connected us. Our working relationship is professional, collaborative and fun. She has my back, and I have hers.

How would you describe her approach to make-up?

Her off-work approach to make-up is simple and minimalistic… often no make-up. A quick smoky eye, a bit of cream cheek colour, and a slick of gloss is her favourite look when going out.

When creating a look for her is it more instinctual, or is there room for experimentation?

I’d say there’s room for experimentation, but within a basic template that we’ve found works well.  Her signature smoky eye will sometimes have different hues within the shadows and liner. For And Just Like That, we had quite a few scenes with a fresh-faced daytime look that we both loved. The goal was to make her character’s make-up look easy.

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It’s no secret that Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker didn’t exactly see eye to eye (to put it mildly) during their time on Sex and the City.

Their long-running feud has played out in the public eye over the years, including when the HBO series was at its peak in the early 2000s, as their rumored infighting and tense standoffs over pay became tabloid gossip fodder.

Jabs were traded here and there, as Cattrall wasn’t very demure when she spoke to the press about how the women didn’t have to be best friends and that no amount of “bullying” would ever convince her to make a third movie.

The tensions boiled over onto social media when Cattrall’s brother passed away in February 2018. In response to Parker sending her condolences in the form of an Instagram comment, Cattrall called her former co-star a “hypocrite” and “cruel.”

“Let me make this VERY clear,” Cattrall wrote back. “You are not my family. You are not my friend. So, I’m writing to tell you one last time to stop exploiting our tragedy in order to restore your ‘nice girl’ persona.”

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